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In addition, Madden NFL 22's franchise

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In addition, Madden NFL 22's franchise mode is expected to undergo a major shift. This will be the first time this has occurred in many years. Development and management of the coaching staff, and more meaningful game preparation and planning will give a major boost to an established mode. The players that manage an NFL team are now offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, and personnel specialists for players, as that are mostly represented in the RPG-like skill tree.

"Every week is an exciting challenge this week," Graddy said. Players can, as NFL coaches do, study the next opponent, and develop offensive and defensive strategies with greater tangible benefits for their team's performance at the game. This goes for humans playing who play in multiplayer leagues too. "You'll be capable of looking at the actual player's information and the tendencies of every opponent, and then be able to game plan against them as well," Graddy said.

Weekly practices that have been for a long time a series of minigames that most players would simulate in the background, should take on greater meaning as armchair coaches manage their players' health over an extended period of time. Coaches can demand greater practice intensity and work as an example. This could increase players' skills in the short-term, but it will also increase the likelihood of injury and stamina. Graddy said that it shouldn't be an all or nothing strategy for defense and offense. Coaches have the option of resting tired players and work out more fresh ones throughout the week leading up to game day. If everything goes according to plan, player progression will not be linear, and injuries and risk can affect teams more like real life.

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