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What is Fusidic acid cream? USES: This medication is used to treat certain skin diseases (atopic dermatitis). It works by stopping the growth of certain bacteria and reducing redness, itching, crusting, and swelling of the skin sores. This medication is a combination of an antibiotic (fusidic acid) and a corticosteroid (hydrocortisone).
Can you use red eye drops with pink eye? Answer: If you have conjunctivitis, known as " pink eye " to some, you can ask your ophthalmologist to prescribe eye drops which relieve the redness and itching.
How do you get rid of pink eye fast? To reduce the symptoms of bacterial or viral pink eye you can: Take ibuprofen or another over-the-counter pain killer. Use over-the-counter lubricating eyedrops (artificial tears). Put a warm, damp washcloth over your eyes for a few minutes.
Can you have pink eye without pus? Viral Conjunctivitis is the main cause of pink or red eyes without pus. Most often, it is part of a cold. Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Pinkeye plus the eyelids are stuck together with pus.
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